Looking for corporate team building activities that are a bit different?
Escape Tasmania brings you a live escape game that has been growing in popularity around the world.

What is a Live Escape Game?

Live escape team building activities involve a team of friends or colleagues solving various puzzles, riddles and using all sorts of hints and codes to try to escape out of a locked room.

Live Escape in Launceston

Escape's corporate team building activities allow businesses to reap the rewards of a challenging and fun experience that see's their team bond as together they solve the problems we put on front of them.

Our Escape games operate in the following manner:

  • Teams can be between 2-6 people.

  • Your team is then locked in our Da Vinci room.

  • Your team has 60 minutes to escape the room and must work together to solve riddles, unravel mysteries and detect clues.

During the course of the live escape game, your team will have to use their mental abilities and observational skills and work together as try attempt to withstand the intensity and pressure as time slowly ticks away!

How the Escape Team Building Game will benefit your team?

  • The live escape game encourages colleagues to interact as a group and express themselves in a way in which they wouldn't usually in the workplace.

  • Colleagues will get to know each other a lot better as they work together on puzzles to escape the room.

  • This kind of team building activity allows colleagues to think outside the box whilst facing the challenges involved.

  • This fun team building game builds closer colleague relationships and upon completion generates a collective sense of achievement.

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Get your team away from their day-to-day environment and create long-lasting memories that will benefit your team!

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